Monday, May 12, 2008

Recent Pictures

Mother has bid me post new photos of the kids but since I've been having problems trying to login to the our family website, I suppose I'll post a few of the recent pictures of the kids here on our blog. Though we haven't been big on taking photos lately...way too much going on to get creative...there have been a few.
So, at the bidding of my mother, here are a few recent photos of the kids in all their silly splendor!

Photo Descriptions...Groucho Simon, Olivia pretends she's the witch from snow white, Olivia decides she's old enough to do the dishes, Simon and Olivia forget, momentarilly, that they hate each other (jk), and Olivia wears mom's equestrian jumping helmet for crazy hat day at school! (I knew I was keeping that thing around for some good future use!)

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