Friday, June 29, 2007


Olivia and Simon just finished their first season of T-Ball! Simon loved every minute of it, of course, while Olivia...well let's just say she was less than thrilled to be playing. She kept saying to me, "Mom, you never even asked me if I wanted to play! You just signed me up knowing I don't like this!"

What was I to say in response? It's true! I never asked her if she was interested in playing. Ya know why? Because I knew what her answer would be and frankly, all I cared about were the T-ball pictures. I'm mean let's just be honest here. I know I get the bad mom award for this one but really, those pictures are priceless; they always are. I just wanted her to be able to say that at least once in her life she played baseball and she had the proverbial T-ball photos to prove it!

And in the spirit of honesty and bad mom moments, ya wanna know what else I did? After I had signed her up, I bribed her into sticking with it and playing out the season by buying her a pink baseball glove! Once she saw that cute glove at Big 5 next to all the other boring, boyish gloves and she knew that all she had to do to make that stylish glove her own was to promise me that she'd play...well it was a done deal! Sad thing is, I knew she couldn't pass it up! Talk about entrapment! It even came with a free, matching back pack! I mean seriously? What girl passes that up? Even if it is equipment for a sport you have absolutely no interest in. The point is, Olivia looked into the future and saw herself in left-field lookin' stylish and chic! Good on her for being so insightful! Besides, what's that saying? "Beauty before pain" or something to that effect?

Anyway, I'm not proud of it, but hey! It happens! And now I not only have cute T-Ball pictures to show my grandchildren, but I have a funny story to go with it! Cheers!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Olivia's Dance Recital

Wow, it's been a long time! Sorry about that folks! I suppose rather than attempt to update you on the last several weeks, I'll just start over-with the most recent.

Olivia had her dance recital with the Albany Dance Academy this last week. She played a doctor in a loosely translated edition of Snow White. It was a great success, she did a great job and she has informed me that dance is her life and she has finally found her thing! (all her words) Well, as you can imagine, this gives me much relief! No more failed attempts at signing her up for activities only to listen to her complain and gripe about how hard it is. I was searching for the one thing that she would/could do that she would enjoy and get exercise doing. We found it and it's been an absolute pleasure watching her practice at home and show a genuine interest in all things Dance!

The hardest part of the week, however, was that her 25-year-old dance teacher and cast member in the performance, was killed in an automobile accident 2 days prior to the first night's performance! The accident happened on Monday and 24 hours later she died. This girl, Sarah, was her main teacher every week. Though the entire week has been very emotional for all the dancers, they were able to put on their happy faces and "dance for Sarah". The really great part was that Sarah was a Christian living her life fully for Christ! Her dad is a local pastor and she regularly did inner-city missions trips as well as a couple abroad. Not only were we able to confidentially tell all the girls that Sarah was in heaven, but there was an awesome presentation and alter call of sorts before each performance in honor of Sarah.

In all, a very roller-coaster week for us all, but one that has enabled us to teach and guide our children through the realities of life.