Friday, October 26, 2007

When using a flash, Olivia is not the best of picture-takers! She has a really hard time keeping her eyes open. Nevertheless, she just lost her other big tooth and a photo was in order. It's funny, neither of my kids ever had a lisp or any other speech impediment. Athough, I sometimes wished they had because of how cute and it its. So now with a big space in front, Olivia's tongue gets stuck in the gap and she lisps! It's really cute, but so fleeting. As you can see, the other big tooth is not taking its time coming in. The gap will be gone soon, and with it, the lisp.
No, he's not flipping you off! In the spirit of all things "lost", I thought I'd include Simon's most recent missing body part...his entire nail! While we were away at the coast celebrating our 10-year anniversary and the children were being babysat by Aunt Darcee, Simon crashed his bike into Peter's parked car and somehow managed to rip the entire nail off. So now all he's left with is this weird nail bed and a good story.

I was unable to post a photo, for some reason, when I blogged about Grandma. I really wanted you to have a visual of the coffee cup and saucer. I'm sure all my siblings remember the pink chicken set!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Coffee with Grandma

I had a special moment yesterday that I thought I might share with you...

I was gifted with a rare, quiet hour yesterday-Peter was away setting up an art show and Simon had a friend over and they were quietly playing in his room. I decided it was high time I sit down for a little Jesus time-Bible study and prayer (it's been a while and my soul is running on empty!). I also decided this Jesus time needed a cup of coffee accompanied by a couple leftover homemade brownies. I got so excited!

I made my coffee-black since I was having a "sweet" with it-and searched the cupboard for just the right coffee cup. I came across one of Grandma's pink, chicken coffee cup and saucer and my heart stopped. It was just the thing I needed! As you all remember, these coffee cups are really small...maybe 6 oz and they are old!

I poured my coffee, placed my warmed brownies on the saucer and sat at the counter, bible open. Instantly I was reminded of Grandma-her legacy, her love, her faith, her always-black coffee- the moments I would, as a child, secretly watch her sitting in a corner, sipping her coffee, and I would wonder what went on in that quiet world she was imprisioned by.

I felt as though she were there with me. As if I was having one last cup of coffee with Grandma. And I was comforted. I sipped my coffee with a smile. And I prayed for a faith at least half as strong as hers. I prayed for the ability to pray in earnest as she always did. I closed my eyes and pictured her in heaven, young again, hearing, and singing hymns with the angels.

I miss her. I finally realized I miss her. So often in life, with certain things, I just take it as it comes and never look back. I haven't shed a tear since the day she died. But I shed a tear yesterday. And it felt good to feel. To remember. To feel that tug at your heart that reminds you that you have suffered a loss. And the world did suffer a loss when it lost Gertrude Gazeena Dolly Stott.