Friday, October 19, 2007

Coffee with Grandma

I had a special moment yesterday that I thought I might share with you...

I was gifted with a rare, quiet hour yesterday-Peter was away setting up an art show and Simon had a friend over and they were quietly playing in his room. I decided it was high time I sit down for a little Jesus time-Bible study and prayer (it's been a while and my soul is running on empty!). I also decided this Jesus time needed a cup of coffee accompanied by a couple leftover homemade brownies. I got so excited!

I made my coffee-black since I was having a "sweet" with it-and searched the cupboard for just the right coffee cup. I came across one of Grandma's pink, chicken coffee cup and saucer and my heart stopped. It was just the thing I needed! As you all remember, these coffee cups are really small...maybe 6 oz and they are old!

I poured my coffee, placed my warmed brownies on the saucer and sat at the counter, bible open. Instantly I was reminded of Grandma-her legacy, her love, her faith, her always-black coffee- the moments I would, as a child, secretly watch her sitting in a corner, sipping her coffee, and I would wonder what went on in that quiet world she was imprisioned by.

I felt as though she were there with me. As if I was having one last cup of coffee with Grandma. And I was comforted. I sipped my coffee with a smile. And I prayed for a faith at least half as strong as hers. I prayed for the ability to pray in earnest as she always did. I closed my eyes and pictured her in heaven, young again, hearing, and singing hymns with the angels.

I miss her. I finally realized I miss her. So often in life, with certain things, I just take it as it comes and never look back. I haven't shed a tear since the day she died. But I shed a tear yesterday. And it felt good to feel. To remember. To feel that tug at your heart that reminds you that you have suffered a loss. And the world did suffer a loss when it lost Gertrude Gazeena Dolly Stott.

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Anonymous said...

Tears did flow here too! I loved it and will be re-reading often in the days to gives me joy within. Thanks bunches!

mama b